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You’re reading this because you’re photographer shopping so we will make it quick and painless.

We are bored with clichés and trends and Pinterest (no offense, I shamelessly peruse it myself).
But now the cat’s out, so we’ll tell you how we really feel.
We think YOU should throw the wedding of your wildest DREAMS!
Not for your cousin who lives in Maine that you haven’t seen since you were 5, and not for great grandpa who is 98 years old (ok, that one is for real, we had an actual church wedding with too many mouths to feed for great grandpa, and it was worth it, and yes, I am a bad example).
But seriously, do what YOU (and your fiancé, of course) want, don’t do it for everyone else!

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Here are few ideas to kick start the EPIC wedding of your dreams.

1. An island: Hawaii is affordable and amazing, AND you don’t have to pay extra for a honeymoon.
2. Your favorite hiking/camping/swimming/fishing spot: use God’s natural beauty for your décor, it’s totally FREE!
3. Skydiving/scuba diving (we’ll have to charge extra for underwater housing and insurance, and scuba gear, and you only get one photographer because Mem doesn’t go under)/cruise ship/Disneyland/wafflehouse/heck, ride a moose in Canada.

The point is, you deserve the greatest wedding EVER because you are special. No two people are the same, no two weddings should be. Now GET OFF PINTEREST and start thinking about what defines you, your relationship, and run with it!!

Roseburg Oregon Wedding Photographers

To give you an extra boost of encouragement, for 2017 we will give you a 10% discount off of any one of our wedding packages IF we feel you have chosen something truly epic outrageously awesome.

Check out our PINTEREST album (I know we said not to but this is different)  for some non-traditional inspiration.

See you in New York! Or Puerto Vallarta, or Belize…
Really any of those would suffice.

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*Note: We are NOT anti-tradition.
If you want the most traditional wedding that you can imagine, DO IT.
But do it because it’s what you want.